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Jawa Pharmaceuticals commenced business and was licensed in 1967 with their first facility in Samanabad but the exceptional services and customer demands couldn’t keep Jawa Pharmaceuticals restricted to just one area of Lahore, making Jawa gradually expand and shift in Garden Town 1972 and to Industrial Area Kot Lakhpat in 1983.

Improving The Quality Of Your Life Through Better Health.

In the arena of life, there lurks a truth that man is not glorious in power and pelf, but indeed it’s the deeds that make him successful leaving footprints on sands of time. High aims demand firm beliefs and constant struggle along with God’s blessing. At the same time, our efforts also remain fruitless without prays of parents. In spite of all the above things my aim to do for suffering humanity pushes me in the field of medicine. 

In the name of ALLAH, I started my ambition in the form of my mission to serve humanity striving for life. As production of medicine is a sensitive subject and it deeply affects the common man’s life. So, there is a great responsibility on our shoulders. It stimulates me and my team to do more in this context.  InshAllah we will remain determined in our aim and goal, to bring peace and calm to human life and fulfill the customer’s needs with the help of current Goods, manufacturing Practices.

Baqir Ali Jawa



Ambition to get success is a driving force for any noble aim. No ambition can germinate without seed of commitment and light of consistent effort. By grace of God, the immense contribution of Jawa Pharmaceuticals towards the health care of the masses is an unprecedented glittering mark of strenuous effort and consolidated strategies. Jawa Pharmaceuticals was established with the objective of developing medicine to cure suffering humanity main concern was to earn idea-breeding minds by grasping the finger of progress of in the field of science and research.

For the first time the company was licensed in 1967 when it was located in samanabad then with the passage of time; we felt the need of extension, so the company was shifted in Garden town in 1972, then finally to Kot Lakhpat in 1982.

As Jawa Pharmaceutical has always been typing to the stares in the eyes of time challenges. Therefore in 2005 by visualizing out continuous commitment with quality, we got accreditation of ISO 9001-2000. This reveals we have a solid control on our processes and drugs. The company is well aware of international standards and demand. Due to diversified planning and concrete action, all departments stands a few inches above other regarding technology and expertise. Our Cephalosporin section, dermatology section, dry syrups, capsule and ingestible section, completed occupying ,52,000 square feet area will enable us to utilize out aptitude in more groomed and facilitated environment.

Our affordable and high-quality pharmaceutical products are prevailing in market as well as enlisted in all Government institutes, Hospitals and Army institutes. Believing in the fact that there is no alternate of quality, Jawa Pharmaceuticals (PVT)Ltd commits to manufacture quality products to combat devastating diseases for precious human life.

Our Vision

We at Jawa Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd understand the duties of being responsible corporate citizen and stand true to our conviction and promise to work for the betterment and prosperity of our people.

Our Mission

We strive to maintain excellence in our business practices with the objective to benefit the medical community, consumers, stakeholders and employees, and to improve quality of life by providing quality products.

Our Core Values

As Jawa has always been at par with the inherent facilities of marketing by building itself as a brand so in 2005 Jawa Pharmaceuticals was accredited by ISO 9001-2000. Ever since then Jawa Pharmaceuticals have continued to drive on the following mission:

  1. To deliver excellence by offering quality products, competitive value, and credibility with trust.
  2. To provide rational and rapid growth to all stakeholders.
  3. To boost the strength, loyalty, and motivation of our employees.

Health & Safety

Customer Services


Result Orientation

Team Work

Team Work



Serve the community by improving the quality of life through better health. We have put protocols to protect our patients and staff while continuing to create best medicines.

Caring For The Health Of You And Your Family.

We Provide All Aspects Of Medical Practice For Your Whole Family!

We will work with you to develop individualised care plans, including management of chronic diseases. If we cannot assist, we can provide referrals or advice about the type of practitioner you require. We treat all enquiries sensitively and in the strictest confidence.


True Healthcare For Your Family!

Serve the community by improving the quality of life through better health. We have put protocols to protect our patients and staff while continuing to provide medically necessary care.

Meet Our Management

Our administration and support staff all have exceptional people skills and trained to assist you with all medical enquiries.

Baqir Ali Jawa

Baqir Ali obtained his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering at Tulane University prior to attending St George's University School of Medicine.

Shahid Munir

Shahid Munir specializes in Human Resources and Administration. He also address cosmetic issues, helping to revitalize the appearance of the skin and nails.

Muhammad Ejaz

Ejaz graduated from medical school and completed 3 years residency program in pediatrics. She passed rigorous exams by the American Board of Pediatrics.

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